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Crews clean up beaches ahead of holiday

Crews cleaning up Hancock County Beach (Photo source: WLOX) Crews cleaning up Hancock County Beach (Photo source: WLOX)

Just a week after Tropical Storm Cindy passed through the coast, leaving debris and tons of dead animals on the shore, Hancock County is still working to get things back to normal before the upcoming holiday weekend.

"I thought it would be weeks. It was unbelievable with the rocks, the debris, and the seaweed. You can't even imagine," said Hancock County resident Rhonda Williams. 

Williams and her grandson, Gage, were surprised when they found out their favorite part of the beach had been cleaned so quickly. 

"They did an awesome job. I can not believe they've come this far after just a few days," Williams proclaimed.

Just days ago, the beach was covered in debris that washed ashore during Tropical Storm Cindy. Brian Mollere, with the Hancock County Sea Wave and Beach Wave Department, worked several days to change that. 

"We're trying to prioritize areas, and then we're going to focus on other areas and then jump back and clean up other areas," said Mollere. 

Mollere said his first work of business is going to be cleaning up parts of the beach that are usually occupied by people during holidays. That includes getting rid of all the debris and marsh grass that washed up on the shore.

Along with the debris were several dead animals that also washed ashore after the storm.

"When the animals washed ashore, the first thing we did was clean those up. We probably got over 6,000 pounds that we've gotten off the beach," said Mollere. 

Nutria, snakes, and even some birds washed up, causing somewhat of a damper for Williams, who's an animal lover. Even though her heart was heavy for the animals, she's happy she can enjoy the beach once again. 

"It was sad to see all the animals washed up, and they couldn't get back because all the tide was coming this way," said Williams 

Crews will continue to work to clean up all eight miles of beach. If you see any dead animals on the beach, you can always call the Hancock County Sea Wall and Sands Department to report it. 

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