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Boat Owners Prepare For Hurricane Dennis

The boat slips at Kremers Landing in Gulfport were full of boats and their owners getting their vessels ready for whatever Dennis decides to bring their way.

"You double line it. You see we've got two lines everywhere. If one breaks. Hopefully, the next one will hold. You try to determine which way the wind, hopefully, make your best guess which way the wind is gonna be coming from. That's the reason we stand by until we see which side the eye is going to hit," said boat owner Morris Lawson.

Lawson's first hurricane experience was about ten months ago with Hurricane Ivan.

His boat - a 43-foot low speed cruising boat called the Big Dipper- was docked at a marina in Orange Beach, Florida.

"We went through Ivan over at Orange Beach. Lost our marina over there, so we ended up here where we thought we had a little bit better hurricane hold and things like this. Most marinas you have to leave, but this one is back and far enough up that it's hopefully a good hurricane hold," said Lawson.

He says if a boat owner is not prepared, storms with winds over 70 miles per hour have the potential to do major damage.

"Last marina we were in, a couple of boats stayed and didn't leave but it was out in, closer to the open water, took them up and put them right down on the pilings. So that's the worst case scenario," said Lawson.

Lawson says he and the other boaters at the marina have done their part to secure their vessels.

Now they just have to watch and pray.

"Hopefully, it goes around us somewhere. Not to wish anybody else any bad luck but we'll just do our best right here," said Lawson.

Many of the boaters will decide Sunday morning whether they will stay on their boats or let the vessels ride out the storm alone.

They say it all depends on Dennis's track.

By Karla Redditte

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