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Homeless Animals Shipped to Alabama

Human beings aren't the only ones seeking higher ground. Saturday, dozens of homeless cats and dogs from the Humane Society of South Mississippi embarked on a trip from Gulfport to Alabama in a quest for safety and a permanent home. Traveling along an evacuation route as a storm approaches is tough enough, but imagine the ride with 45 cats and 20 dogs on board.

"We're heading to Montgomery, and then some of these animals will continue on to Birmingham," said Melissa Forberg of the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

"It'll probably be a loud ride, but once they get excited, and they'll bark, but once they get down the road, they'll settle in," said volunteer Robin Bush. "The shelters in Birmingham and Montgomery have been generous enough to take the animals up there, and they'll adopt them out for us."

The animals were moved because of overcrowding at the Gulfport shelter and possible flooding from Dennis, but not all the animals seemed to eager to move to higher ground. And the cats didn't make it any easier for the Humane Society's local director who was trying to secure the kitties' cages.

But not all of the dogs and cats will be making the trip to Alabama. "The animals here are the strays. They cannot be adopted yet. They will be held. They will move them to higher ground, just in case there is any flooding involved so they will be safe," Bush said. As for these cats and dogs, they're sure to be safe from Dennis's reach and will likely end up in a permanent home not long after the storm passes through.

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