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Jackson County father son duo reunite woman with hot rod

After meeting, a bond was formed between the families. (Photo Source: WLOX News) After meeting, a bond was formed between the families. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

A father son street racing duo from Jackson County are completing the fixer upper of a lifetime.

It’s been more than 40 years since Marinell Mosley last saw her beloved Corvette.

"Wayne and I purchased it in 1967," Mosley said.

Mosley’s husband was known as a big time drag racer in South Mississippi.

"I purchased the car and he was constantly working on it. He was the drag king," Mosley said.

Now, 43 years later, that same car is in the hands of another drag king: Shannon Poole.

"This car is the build of my life. You get one chance in life to build one thing you truly believe in, and you feel like is the baddest thing you could ever do,” Poole said. “And this is the result."

But the way the two connected seems like something out of a movie. It starts with Wayne unexpectedly dying in a car accident.

In 1974, with a baby girl in tow, Mosley decided to get rid of the Corvette for a family car. Even after more than 40 years, she admits the car often crosses her mind.

"I didn't know where it had ended up, I thought maybe it was in the junkyard," Mosley said.

But little did she know the speed racer was being handed off from owner to owner. That is, until eventually it ended up in Dale Poole's garage.

"I purchased this thing in the early 90s from a good friend of mine, and it just sat around collecting dust for about 20 years," said Dale, Shannon’s father.

Like Wayne, street racing is a hobby Dale and Shannon share. The father and son duo now star in the Discovery Channel Show Street Outlaws New Orleans, and have been thinking of building a new car to race.

"Shannon needed something. He was getting beat on his shows so I got him something he could run out front with," Dale said.

The pair got to work, taking nine months to fix up the old car; transforming it completely.

But, Dale was aware of the car's history as once belonging to the great Wayne Mosley. In the back of his mind, he really wanted to find the family.

"I had been looking for the original owner for a long time, everywhere I went I would ask somebody," Dale said.

By chance, he asked about Wayne in an auto shop while Steve Tynes was around, who is related to Mosley's second husband.

"I told Dale she was married to my uncle and I should be able to find her. So, me and my sister got on Facebook,” Tynes said.

What followed next was an emotional reunion.

"They invited me and my daughter to come out and that's the first time she had ever seen her dad's race car," Mosley said.

A bond formed between the families that day. Marinell says she's forever grateful to the Poole's, who have made it possible for Wayne Mosley's dream to live on.

Shannon and Dale say they hope to bring Mosley on the show when they start racing the fixed up Corvette. 

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