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Scrapin' The Coast goes strong despite rain

Visitors say they are enjoying the different cars at the event. (Photo source: WLOX) Visitors say they are enjoying the different cars at the event. (Photo source: WLOX)

It's that time again: Car enthusiast from all over the country are in town for the annual Scrapin' the Coast.

"We've been here four years back to back. We love coming out. It's addicting," said Biloxi resident, Michael Sullivan. 

Sullivan is showing off his one of a kind personally with his custom Honda Ruckus Mini Bike.

"We're just showing it off. I love making things that are cool and I love tinkering with things," Sullivan added.

But, it seems as Mother Nature had to place a bit of damper on some of the fun. Spectators scrambled to find cover from the rain.

"I think that it'll pass. It's not gonna stop us from having a great time. We have a good time every year and it always rains, so we're just gonna wait it out," said Theresa Pozobyt.

To keep an eye on all the visitors, the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and the Biloxi Police Department have set up a command post right down the street at Edgewater Mall.

"From here, we move manpower around. We've got people at several points up and down Highway 90 and we can see it better from down here rather than opposed to up at the station," said Biloxi Police Capt. Harold Windom. 

Biloxi police officers are being deployed between Debuys and Rodenberg. All U-turn areas and northeast turns are closed in order to keep the traffic moving. 

Those who want to be part of the parade on Highway 90 are reminded to follow the rules of the road. Violations, including burnouts and open flame exhausts, will be monitored closely. 

Activities will continue at the Coliseum until Sunday at 5 p.m. Click here for a complete list of traffic information regulations.

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