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Scrapin' the Coast traffic information


Scrapin' the Coast is taking place this weekend at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, and heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic is expected. 

Biloxi Police will have a command post set up in the south parking lot of Edgewater Mall where officers will be based to help keep vehicles moving on Hwy 90. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're attending the event, or planning to drive in the area this weekend: 

Heavy traffic is expected to be coming in and out of the Coliseum's south and east entrances Saturday between 7am and 5pm.

As necessary, police may take the following actions: 

  • Barricade U-turn and northeast turns between Debuys and Rodenburg to reduce traffic congestion. 
  • Prohibit southeast traffic at Veteran's Ave, directing all traffic to the west. 
  • Prohibit northwest traffic at Veteran's Ave, directing all traffic to the east. 
  • Stop vehicles from turning east or west onto the Service Drive at Veteran's Ave.

There will be limited access to the Service Drive between Treasure Bay Hotel & Casino and Rodenburg is restricted to the intersections at Camellia and Rodenburg, as well as the opening in the southeast medians along Hwy 90 between those two points.

Service drives along Hwy 90 will close at 10pm and all vehicles must be moved. 

A late night traffic plan may be implemented in East Biloxi to facilitate traffic flow.  

Beginning at 11pm, Lameuse Street between Hwy 90 and the MLK Loop will be restricted to northbound traffic only. Traffic on the MLK Loop will be restricted to westbound traffic only and traffic on Reynoir Street will be restricted to southbound traffic only.  

Drivers CANNOT: 

  • Burn out, race, discharge open flame exhausts
  • Display colored lighting on vehicles while in motion
  • Use high power lighting mounted on the vehicles while in motion
  • Drive motorcycles between vehicles 
  • Use unreasonably loud or harsh horns or whistles (i.e., train horns)

Vehicle occupants CANNOT: 

  • Ride on the hood, roof, trunk or tailgate of any motor vehicle
  • Cling to any portion of the exterior of the vehicle
  • Project a substantial portion of their body from any opening on the vehicle

Spectators CANNOT: 

  • Walk in the roadway
  • Dump hazardous substances on the highway
  • Move barricades   

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