Shoppers Crowd Stores Buying Storm Supplies

One necessity during any major storm or hurricane is food. Officials say this is the time to make sure your pantry has enough supplies to last a few days.

From Ramen noodles to canned goods, shoppers are grabbing all sorts of groceries. In fact, Wal-mart employees are having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked.

"Sometimes you just drag it out here and they take it right out of your hands," Tim Myrick said.

It may be crazy, but necessary to get a head start on Hurricane Dennis.

"This one concerns me just like the one last year, So we're getting our supplies. If it gets any stronger, then we'll take our supplies and head north," Ocean Springs resident Jean Hunter said.

For hurricane veterans like D'Iberville resident Diane Parnigoni, this is a common drill.

"I'm shopping for my son and daughter. They both work, and I figure by the time they get off work, it'd be bare shelves."

But for tourists like Roxanne Showers, shopping for hurricane supplies was not part of the vacation plan. She's visiting from Germany.

"I didn't know just to buy water or just buy snacks or canned goods or what? So, hopefully, I made the right choice."

Since Thursday night, the store has experienced shortages in hot items, like tuna for instance. But trucks are still rolling in, making sure the shelves are stocked.

"We don't know which way it's going and we're in the route of it, so we want to be ready," Parnigoni said.

South Mississippians aren't the only people shopping for groceries and supplies. The manager says he's seen people from Florida coming over here to shop because many stores in the Sunshine State are running out of hurricane-related items.