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Gautier officer facing disciplinary action after 'warning shot'

(Photo source: Facebook/Gautier Police Department) (Photo source: Facebook/Gautier Police Department)

A police chase in Gautier ended with an officer firing a warning shot near a fleeing suspect, the suspect in jail, and the officer facing disciplinary action.

Lamarcus Deantonio Williams, 27, was arrested Monday night after an officer tried to pull him over for a traffic stop on Seacliff Dr.  Gautier Police Department spokesman Casey Baxter said Williams sped off in a black Dodge Charger and the officer followed.

About a mile and a half away, Baxter said Williams stopped at an apartment complex on Ladnier Rd. and ran off carrying something in his hand.

“After repeated commands to ‘stop’ and ‘let me see your hands,’ he turned and charged the officer,” Baxter said.

That’s when Baxter said the officer fired a warning shot into the ground. Still, Williams ran past the officer, but Baxter said the officer quickly tackled Williams.

"The officer was in violation of department policy when he discharged his weapon as a warning shot. The slug was recovered a few feet from where the officer was, so it was clearly a warning shot into the ground," Baxter said.

Baxter said department policy would have allowed for the use of deadly force.  

“He didn’t know what he had in his hand. He raised up his arms like it was a gun when he charged. You don't know if it's a gun or a knife, and everything's happening in a split second,” Baxter said.

Williams did not have a weapon. Baxter said he believes Williams was carrying a cell phone. Williams faces one felony charge and three misdemeanor charges.

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