Biloxi Mayoral Candidates Working Hard At Campaign's End

The congregation at First Missionary Baptist Church sang in praise of God like they do every Sunday. But this Sunday, there was a different face in the crowd.

A.J. Holloway addressed church members briefly, thanking them for allowing him to serve as mayor for the past eight years. It was just one of many stops for Holloway to talk to voters.

"We'll continue to do the same as we've been doing all throughout the campaign," Holloway said. "You know, making appearances wherever we've been invited to and we'll knock on a few more doors this afternoon."

After visiting a few churches in the morning, FoFo Gilich put on some comfortable shoes and walked through Biloxi neighborhoods talking to voters.

"I feel good, I really do," Gilich said. "I caught a second wind a few days ago and I'm ready to end this match and I feel good."

"I feel real good," said Holloway. "I think we're in real good shape, sure do."

Even though the candidates say they feel good, not all the voters feel that way. Some people have complained that the campaign has taken on a negative tone lately.

Both candidates tried to place the blame for that on their opponent.

"We didn't start this and you know, we're proud of our record and we're talking about real issues," Gilich said.

"I didn't start anything, you know, but I'm not going to just lay back and take punches and not react," Holloway said.

Voter turnout was low in the primary election and the candidates agree that getting their supporters out on Tuesday is crucial. That's why both the Holloway and Gilich campaigns spent the day talking to as many people as possible.

"We're going to close hard and fast and that's what we're doing today and we'll do tomorrow and also Tuesday," Gilich said.

Independent Jerry Sumrall is also running for mayor in Biloxi.