South Mississippians Stock Up For Hurricane Dennis

South Mississippians definitely know the routine when it comes to hurricanes.

They know it's better to be safe than sorry, and that's why many of them piled into the Home Depot in Gulfport trying to stay one step ahead of the storm.

"I'm getting everything I can done now so I don't have to worry about it later," Long Beach resident Eddie Krieger said.

They all seemed to have the same idea in mind.

"Well, we're out looking for a generator right now. We've got everything else we need for a storm if it comes by here," Long Beach resident Howard Lock said.

Generators were at the top of many storm preparation lists. Needless to say, as of Thursday afternoon, there were none left sell. (Note: Lowe's in Gulfport has since received a shipment of generators. They were for sale as of 9am Friday.)

"We've gone probably through about 4 or 5 shipments already, and that was pretty good for us to get that many in," Home Depot store manager David Benoit said.

Other necessities included water, batteries, flashlights and plywood.

One new item many are adding to their lists this year is this StormTracker, which has become quite popular since Dennis entered the Caribbean.

It is a combination of a television, flashlight, and weather alert radio- and batteries aren't necessarily needed.

"If you got a generator or power, you can plug it in. But just to get the weather and what's going on in your area, all you need is this power crank," Home Depot employee Robert Gentry said.

There are many items available to help calm a few nerves as the storm prepares to enter into the Gulf. For many people, all that is left now to do is watch and pray.

"Hopefully won't nothing happen. We want to be prepared," Lock said.

Home Depot officials say the track of the storm will determine whether or not they'll extend their normal business hours to cater to the needs of customers.