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Sunday evening tropics update


The tropics have been heating up over the past week with two systems that we are currently watching.

One system is Potential Tropical Cyclone Two, which is currently in the Atlantic Ocean and moving toward the Lesser Antilles.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Two will not be an immediate threat to us, but it is something we will continue to monitor and keep you updated on.

The storm system that we are watching more closely is Invest 93-L, which as of Sunday night was located east of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea.

This system has been slowly moving north and is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico where it may strengthen into a tropical depression and even possibly a hurricane. It had a high chance of tropical cyclone development as of Sunday night.

"As the system moves north it will encounter moderate shear, which will stop it from intensifying quickly, but it could very well become a tropical storm as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico." said Meteorologist Andrew Wilson.

As the storm continues through the Gulf of Mexico it is going to have a few things that will cause it to be steered, but there is still a lot more to set up before we can know for sure where it will go.

"The models we use are showing this system ending up anywhere from parts of Texas to parts of Florida and that does include us in the mix of things, so we are watching it closely." said Wilson.

The main reason there is so much confusion on where this system may go is due to an approaching front from the north.

"The front will act as a boundary." said Wilson. "Depending on how weak or strong the front is and how far south it comes down will help guide this system to where it will go."

The main issue is the system hasn't even developed yet, which can cause additional problems for forecasting.

"Once the system develops and the front approaches we will have a better grasp on the forecast, but I say it would be important for people to keep a very close eye on this and start taking early precautions just in case." said Wilson. "Despite saying to take precautions, I do want to urge that this system has the same chance of hitting Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, or Florida as it has of hitting us."

With more needing to develop before the forecast can be nailed down completely it will be important to stay up to date with what is happening throughout the next couple of days.

"The reason we are being so cautious and giving out this information early is because IF this system does end up hitting the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it would occur Wednesday into Thursday, which is a short amount of time for people to prepare if they need to." said Wilson.

Check the forecast often to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date information as more develops with the system.

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