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Moss Point Schools Don't Take Dennis's Threat Lightly

Moss Point school administrators gathered on Thursday morning to review the hurricane plan and start making things happen.

"We have put together some tasks, duties and responsibilities for each one of us to accomplish," Interim Superintendent Dr. Rachel Carpenter said.

And there's no time to waste. By the afternoon, maintenance crews already had their assignments.

"The first thing we are doing to prepare is make sure we have all of the roof leaks covered from our last heavy rain that we had," Maintenance worker Leroy Bridges said.

Next, they cover the expensive computers. The district built seven new computer labs and received 200 new computers.

"We definitely want to protect those labs, but also all of the new equipment we've put in there," Bridges added.

And you can't forget about the books. Those costly tools ruin easily.

"If we have a complete roof loss, nothing much we can do about it, but we can protect some of the books and computers just from simple leaks." 

Maintenance crews are also moving school buses to a parking lot at Moss Point High. They say they wanted to get the buses away from tall trees. The buildings will also shield the buses from any strong winds.

Luckily for this crew, a lot of preparation was done before Cindy came ashore.

"We already had all of the windows closed and all of the trash and loose stuff moved," Bridges said.

By completing the rest of the preparation list, they hope to minimize any damage from Dennis.

"From all indications it's going to be pretty powerful," Carpenter said.

"Saves us money in the long run," Bridges said.

By Jaimee Goad

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