Oreck Expanding Into New Customer Call Center

Oreck president Tom Oreck calls the customer call center "the shack." Employees say things are a little tight.

"It's very chaotic and you have a tendency to get to know everyone real fast," Tracey Herlong said.

It is a cramped space with more than 100 employees squeezed in. But they won't be there much longer. Friday night, they pack up and move into the brand new center across the parking lot.

"It's going to be nice. We'll have the opportunity to kinda spread out a little bit. It'll be more comfortable," Herlong said.

Comfort and space are the big selling points.

"They've been packed into a four by four, I think it is, cubicle. This is a six by six, that's a huge difference in terms of elbow room for that individual," Oreck said.

With more room, the company will hire additional workers now and then as it needs to in the future. It will be here that the customer service calls are received and orders are placed.

"Having what is a little more elbow room, a little better facility and a better training space and so on, I think gives people the tools to feel better about the job and do a better job," Oreck said.

At a time when many companies are moving their manufacturing operations and customer call centers overseas, Oreck is trying to maintain a stronger U.S. presence.

"To do the best quality, to be committed to on-going improvement, you need the best people. And we feel the workforce in the U.S. is a workforce that's committed to quality."

Oreck says the bigger, much improved customer call center will help them get a job done that's becoming more competitive in the global market.

Along with the new call center, Oreck also has plans to expand their manufacturing capabilities in the future.