Moss Point Residents Levy Claims Of Racial Profiling

As person after person stood up and complained about the Moss Point police department, members of the NAACP listened. They say they are concerned with the policies and procedures of the police department.

"There are cases of racial profiling that's in existence, and it appears that there's a number of cases of officers using excessive force," NAACP member Curley Clark said. "These young men say they were recently pulled over by a Moss Point police officer. They say the officer told them he saw a beer bottle fly out of the window, but they say they didn't have any beer."

"Last Friday, we got pulled over for no reason, then held at gunpoint,"  Moss Point resident Jamarius Jones said.

That's why Abdul Rahim with the Justice Foundation for Human Rights is spearheading efforts to make changes in the police department. He says he wants the Police Chief Butch Gager to resign and all officers involved in the Marcus Malone case to be put on leave without pay until an investigation is complete.

"Any time you have a public official dealing with the public, he should know how to deal with the public in a professional manner," Rahim said.

NAACP leaders say at this time they're not asking for Chief Gager's resignation, but they asking that the FBI conduct a thorough investigation of the Moss Point Police Department.

Moss Point Police Chief Butch Gager was not available for an on camera interview, but he did issue the following:

"People have a right to do whatever they feel is necessary. It will be left up to the board of alderman to decide whether or not I should resign. We will have to wait and see what happens."

Gager also says the department is looking into the incident of the group of young men who were pulled over. He says some of them have filed complaints, but none of the complaints indicate there was racial profiling.