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'Emergency relief' extends federal red snapper season

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A reprieve for coast fishermen: The federal red snapper season will be extended.

Congressman Steven Palazzo says lawmakers from across the Gulf Coast worked with the Department of Commerce on a plan to get emergency relief for fishermen.

Representatives inside Rep. Palazzo's office say what was a three day season will now extend through the summer. The new red snapper season will begin on June16 and last up to 39 days.

A statement from Rep. Palazzo said in part, “Our fishermen have suffered from an unfair unreasonably shrinking snapper season for the past decade, and this year’s season was almost non-existent.  I’m thankful that the new administration is willing to work with us to provide this emergency relief for our fishermen."

In May, NOAA reduced the federal red snapper season to just three days. It started June 1 and concluded June 4. Mississippi immediately extended its season to assist struggling fishermen.

"The federal season will once again be one of the shortest on record," DMR'S Joe Jewell said. "We look forward to providing our recreational fishermen an extended opportunity to catch red snapper this year."

Rep. Palazzo expects a formal announcement about the federal red snapper season extension on Wednesday.

“My colleagues and I representing the Gulf Coast have been working since the announcement of the three day season to find a solution for our fishermen," the congressman said.  "We were able to act as a liaison and connect the Department of Commerce with our states, to ensure the local voices of our fishermen were heard and  their needs were being met.  If a solution doesn’t help the people being affected by it, then it isn’t a solution at all." 

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