Gulfport Residents Discuss Mayor's Race

Sheila Martin helped to organize this year's annual picnic for the Colonial Estates subdivision.

"Right now, I'm still confused and a little frustrated with how the election is turning out and I'm not really sure yet how I'm going to vote," Martin said.

Amid the talk of kids and summer vacations, residents were talking about the Gulfport mayor's race.

"We will probably do a lot of comparing notes, pros and cons," Charles Cooper said.  "You look at the two candidates, on the surface you may think it's a no-brainer, Ken Combs should win, but there's a lot of dissent."

Four years ago, people in Orange Grove voted overwhelmingly for Bob Short. People were upset about annexation that happened during the Combs' administration. But now, there are other issues people here are considering.

"I think one of the big ones may be our water company, how they went about buying that," Martin said.

"The utilites is a issue, the problems with the utilities," said Cathy Tims, a Colonial Estates resident.

"I didn't like the utilities situation over there with Orange Grove utilities and go get 'em Ken if you can go get back some of that money," said Ken Tims, a Colonia Estates resident.

Ken Combs attacked Mayor Bob Short in the primary for paying more than $33 million for Orange Grove Utilites. He made that an issue, and it's stuck with some voters. But, some other people say they'll vote for anybody but Combs because of the ugliness during the primary.

"If you watched some of the television programs that they had these guys standing up and talking, there was more negativism than positive remarks about the issues," said Gordon Etchison.