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Biloxi Shuckers groundskeepers crew is dedicated on keeping MGM Park in tip-top shape

BILOXI, MS (Biloxi Shuckers) -

If you attend a Biloxi Shuckers baseball game and arrive early at MGM Park, you'll see the groundskeepers hard at work.

The Shuckers groundskeepers crew is responsible for the integrity of the field, keeping the field in tip-top shape.

On game day, they lay down the foul lines, coaching boxes and home plate.

Will Lairamore is the Shuckers head groundskeeper, a veteran of 9 years in the business.

"I have a degree in Agricultural Business, "said Lairamore.  "I know a bunch of schools like Mississippi State have a Turf Management Degree, which a lot of groundskeepers go through."

Lairamore says he attended Middle Tennessee State and worked with his college baseball team, did internships in the Southern League and in Triple-A before accepting the job as head groundskeeper with the Biloxi Shuckers.

Lairamore said, "I have a staff of eight people on the crew not counting myself on game day.  They'll come in a day or two while the team is on the road to help me with big projects. We've got a great crew.  They work hard, they know what they do, they care about this field."

Lori Sasser of Biloxi is a member of the groundskeepers crew.

She said, "I actually worked in lawn care for a number of years."

Two years ago she applied for a job with the Shuckers and was hired.

"I love it, "Sasser said.  "I love baseball. I love being outside.  I love the excitement of the crowd, the players.  It's just all fun." 

Besides Shuckers games, the groundskeepers were responsible for the Conference USA Championship Tournament, regular season college games and high school games.

They mow the playing field, fertilize the turf,  and re-sod. Fans get to see the groundskeepers in action during the 7th inning stretch.

The Shuckers will be away from MGM Park for eight days and during that time the groundskeepers will re-sod the field around home plate and other areas on the playing field.

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