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Dive team rescues man's prosthetic eye

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One man has a big "thank you" for the Richmond Dive and Rescue Team, but it's probably not for what you'd expect.

Tommy Gilliam has a prosthetic left eye. He's had it for years, but when he dove in the pool on Saturday, it popped out and he couldn't see to find it!

Not exactly the type of call the Richmond Dive Team is used to taking, but they sure came in handy when they came out to this pool on Saturday to dive in and look for a guy's prosthetic eye.

"I can't believe it, I didn't think nobody was gonna come," Tommy Gilliam said.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Behold, this eye -- whose holder called in heavy duty when his $4,500 prosthetic fell out in the pool at his apartment building.

"I dove in the water, I felt the pressure hit my eye. The water hit it, and it just sucked it right out of my face. I wasn't for sure. I said to my little niece, I said 'is unc's eye still in there?' she said, 'no, unc!'"

"So he called the non-emergency line and Richmond Police and Fire sent over the dive team.

"And I seen guys come through the alley way over there with scuba diving things and I was like 'yeah! I'm gonna get my eye back or whatever!'" Gilliam told NBC12.

Yes, the same dive team who performs daring water rescues on the James. One of the members suited up, and dove in -- eyes wide for Gilliam’s...well, you know.

"Then all of sudden he swum off like a snake, he went out there and turned around when he turned around and came back he put it up in the air and when he got up, I helped him get out of the water and I just grabbed him and hugged and said, 'thank god man, I really appreciate it.'"

In addition to fishing his eye out of the pool, the city said it's not going to charge Gilliam for the work the city did to get it.

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