Residents Say They Deserve Road They Were Promised

"Mallett Road is a very peaceful part of Stone County, very nice area to live in," Mrs. Christi Snow said.

But traveling the road can be a bumpy ride. Snow says two weeks ago, workers came in and applied a thin layer of tar and a lot of rocks, but no asphalt. Some of that work has already washed away.

"This is supposedly a paved road. This is what we've been told by the road employees is that they have done all they are going to do to this road. The road is not solid. And in my personal opinion, and probably everyone that lives on this road, it is worse than what it was. It's easier to travel the dirt roads that accompany this road than it is to travel Mallett Road itself now."

Snow says not only is the road unattractive, it's dangerous. On our visit, we saw several large rocks along the side of the road. Snow says they're thrown from the wheels of passing cars or they are caught in tires.

"If two cars are traveling down this road at the same time in opposite directions, you certainly have to be very careful. Because at this point, you'd almost need to drive the middle of the road to stay off of the side. The rocks are so thick in some areas that it will actually either pull you into the ditch or pull you into the other car."

Snow calls the improvements to this road a complete waste, and she would like answers on why her neighborhood hasn't received what it was told it would.

"I'd like to know why? Whose decision was it ? Where was the supervision? And what are they gonna do about it?"

We called Stone County's Road Manager Tommy Jones for an interview, but he did not return our call.