Cindy Gets Mixed Reception In Jackson County

Christopher Griffin has all of Cindy's rain right outside his front door.

"It ain't beautiful over here. There's too much water around. It's all in your house," Griffin says.

Griffin lives on Rose Drive in Moss Point.

"Every time a bad storm comes through, it floods. It doesn't even have to rain hard. If it just rains for about an hour, it'll flood." .

Not just an inch or two, though, Griffin even has water in his car.

"The mailboxes down the street were all completely under water."

Griffin says that's what Rose Drive residents look forward to every time a storm's on the horizon.

"If you don't make it off the street before the storm starts, you'll be stuck over here."

But others found the storm an adventure.

"It was up to about our knees. It was exciting," Germaine Heldon says.

"Oh, it was great. All the street was flooded all the way up the street. You couldn't even see the beach. The waves were coming over it and it looked like there was a lake in the marsh."

Debra Campole John likes the heavy wind and rain too. She came down to the beach like a tourist to capture Cindy's fury on tape.

"We love them. We chase them. We went to Long Beach last night to see it. It was beautiful," John says.

But for people with flood damage like Griffin, there was nothing beautiful about Cindy.