Jackson County Woman's Home Severely Damaged By Cindy

"I never had no problem at all until last night,"Audrey Hasley says.

Last night, Tropical Storm Cindy paid Hasley a visit.

"When we woke up, there was a lot of wind blowing and a lot of rain and it was thundering and lightning really bad."

The rain soaked Hasley's bedroom.

"It wasn't leaking. It was a stream. It was just pouring."

The damage didn't stop there. It continued through her living room, kitchen, and hallway.

"This is about to fall out and this one back here too," Hasley says pointing to the ceiling.

Hasley's home was filled with two inches of water, when police came and took her to a relative's home.

Hasley came back Wednesday.

"I'm cleaning up, pouring out water, drying up water," Hasley says.

Drying up water won't fix the leaky roof. Hasley wants to leave her damaged Gulf Park Estates home, but says she no choice but to stay.

"I know, I know, but I ain't got nowhere else to go. When you got nowhere to go, you have to stay somewhere."