Surviving A Leading Killer

Feet are on the move at George County High School's Track this night and they're moving to ensure hope, progress and answers to a disease that is the nation's number two killer. This is the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society, and it celebrates survivors of the disease.

Annelle Dunnam has been a cancer survivor for a year now and says, "Well you don't expect to get cancer first of all, when they tell you that's just a shock, a blow, but as you get into it and get educated you realize that the American Cancer Society means life to us."

Betty Mosley is an eight year survivor and says, "I just thank God everyday I wake up, it makes life very precious."

According to the American Cancer Society's statistics, this year alone about 552,000 Americans are expected to die of cancer, that's more than 1,500 people a day. Knowing these numbers, makes events like this Relay For Life even more special to those who have survived them.

Annelle Dunnam says, "I don't remember the statistics they gave us on the people that are living now, but it's great too, and so that makes it even more special."

Ivan Hamilton has a 13 year old son who has been a cancer survivor for ten years and says, "It's great, it's great he's a survivor for ten years now he was three years old when he was diagnosed, so it's a special day for us."

This day is as much about families getting together to support loved ones currently fighting the disease like one year old Dylan who's at St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis.

Pauline Langley is Dylan's grandmother and says, "This type of cancer he's got is liable to come back , so this is not just to fight for today, it's an ongoing fight."

So, whether you're a survivor or in the fight of your life, this relay is a testament that there are brighter days ahead.