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Casinos make active shooter response plans

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After an attack at a casino resort in the Philippines left 36 people dead this week, officials in South Mississippi are taking extra security precautions to make sure something like that doesn't happen here. 

The Mississippi Gaming Commission is now requiring casinos to submit active shooter response plans. According to Allen Godfrey, the gaming commission's executive director, the response plans are a way to bring awareness to the importance of being ready for possible active shooter situations. 

Golden Nugget General Manager Chett Harrison says his staff is involved in routine active shooter training. 

"Our security department continues on going training almost quarterly when it comes to this," said Harrison. "Unfortunately there's no playbook for how this happens or what happens or how you approach. You just hope that people know that we are trained for it and ready for it and we want to make sure that we do the best we can in the event we're put in that unfortunate situation."

Harrison says members of his staff will be working with the Department of Homeland Security in the next few weeks to learn more about terrorist situations. 

The requirement from the gaming commission also comes after a Waveland man was arrested this week for allegedly shooting at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis.

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