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Timetable outlined for new gate at Keesler

(Photo source: WLOX) (Photo source: WLOX)

Thursday afternoon, leaders from the Keesler Air Force Base and Biloxi joined state and federal officials at Forrest Avenue and Division Street to outline a timetable for a new gate. 

The $37 million project will use funding from the city, state, and federal governments and will take two years to complete.

The idea of moving the main gate away from White Avenue and the railroad tracks has been discussed for 15 years.

"It gets the traffic off of Highway 90, which causes issues for Biloxi and Highway 90 and get those cars off of the railroad tracks, which is a huge safety issue and we have too many accidents on the railroad tracks in Biloxi," said Col. Michele Edmonson. "It solves that problem. it allows us to close a gate and better use our security and manpower. 

Initial work will be in place by year's end, but the bulk of the construction will begin in 2018; with completion set for 2020.

"Everybody here knows that South Mississippi is a military community and we must make the right investments here to keep our men and women safe and strong and secure," said Rep. Steven Palazzo. "This is the kind of investment that puts our money where our mouths are and it shows that we collectively can come together, work together." 

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