Businesses Expect Good Results From Weekend

Sharkheads in Biloxi seemed like the perfect spot for many to beat the Independence Day heat. In fact, this has been a spot of choice throughout the holiday weekend.

"Walk through these doors since Friday afternoon? Probably 3 or 4 thousand a day at least," said manager Jim Gunkel.

And part of that crowd - the Springer family from New Orleans.

"We come out to the Gulf Coast three or four times a year. Just staying at the same hotel, I've been coming here since I was two years old, since 1972 to Biloxi," said Val Springer, IV.

These tourists, old and new, are quite a welcomed sight to South Mississippi businesses and their cash registers.

"This is our busiest time. This is our best time of the year. This is what we work all year the fourth," said Gunkel.

The holiday is also a busy time for the people and animals of Marine Life in Gulfport.

They have reeled in close to four thousand people by doing a little showing off.

"This is a wonderful place. It is both in the shade. We have dolphin shows, sea lion shows, bird shows, train rides, gravity ship. A lot of fun things to do," said Marine Life president Dr. Moby Solangi.

And fun is what Ann Waller of Tupelo is looking for here in South Mississippi.

"We done seen the beach. I've never seen a beach and it's a lot of things we haven't seen. Every year, we went to Rock City and Ruby Falls up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but we said we're tired of that. Let's try something new," said Waller.

And business owners hope tourists wanting to see and try something new, will equal big bucks for them in the end.

The official numbers from this holiday weekend will not be known until later on this week, but local business owners are anticipating outstanding results.