Family Celebrates Independence And American Dream

The food is done and it's time to have fun.

The Veal family from New Orleans came to Jones Park in Gulfport to celebrate the upcoming fourth of July holiday.

But they were not here only to honor the country. They were also honoring this lady, Ms. Louisa Veal.

"I'm from Peru. South America, Peru. When did you come to the States? I came here in 1955," said Veal.

That's right, this year marks her 50th anniversary of coming to the United States from Peru.

A few years after Ms. Veal came, her sister Marta Serrano followed.

"The culture over there is not that poor. It's good, but over here is much better," said Serrano.

Both sisters and their husbands raised their children here in the United States, and it is that sacrifice this family celebrates every fourth of July.

"Just the fact that we're first generation Americans, my siblings and myself, and so we appreciate being able to enjoy what our parents sacrifice for us in coming here. My father had the idea, the concept of us having a different life than what he had, and so we enjoy that and we appreciate it," said daughter Margarita Nunez Bell.

"Freedom is such a big great celebration for us. We have fun and just our family being together," said daughter Nancy Smith.

And so it's the celebration of opportunities and independence that keeps this family moving.

Just their personal way of showing what the United States really means to them.

"We love America," said Serrano.

Mrs. Veal's family came from Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana to help her celebrate her big anniversary.