Sheriff's Deputies Looking For Drunks, Meth This Weekend

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department will have roadblocks set up this holiday weekend looking for drunk drivers.

They'll also be on the look out for drivers committing other offenses, like driving without a license or not wearing a seatbelt.

"And for those people who are thinking about driving while under the influence, well, we hope they're going to think twice knowing we're going to have multiple roadblocks up. And not just the Sheriff's Department, but all of our other public law enforcement agencies along the coast," Windy Swetman with the Harrison County Sheriff's Department said.

The extra enforcement will be in place until midnight Monday.

Harrison County deputies will also be on the search for meth this holiday weekend.

The department is conducting a meth saturation operation using helicopters and dogs to scour rural areas of the county.

Sheriff George Payne says they're looking for meth labs and potential lab sites.

"People will be seeing out helicopters in the air. They'll be seeing our troops in the woods, our men will be in the woods with their dog teams. There will be extra units on the roads with one mission, trying to find people who may be making meth or people abusing meth," Payne said.

Money from a federal grant the Sheriff's Department got earlier this year will pay for the overtime hours that will be involved.