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Page 13: Unique photography project

(Photo source: Facebook/Jess Baldock’s Creative Visions) (Photo source: Facebook/Jess Baldock’s Creative Visions)

A coast photographer has come up with a very interesting theme for a coffee table book. He plans to travel all around Mississippi and take pictures of downtown areas at night.

Photographer Jeff Baldock is best known for his stunning images of the Gulf Coast. South Mississippi is paradise for photographers.

"Beautiful sunsets. I started out with an affinity for boats and shrimp boats. I know my way around all the harbors," said Baldock. 

After shooting his subjects, Baldock goes to the computer and gets busy enhancing the photos with a technique called high dynamic range. This digital effect adds and subtracts color and gives photographs a manipulated texture.

"On a DSLR camera, you use three different exposures with three different levels of light and color. You merge it together with software. Once you do that, you can do magical things with it. The color really pops," Baldock said.

Baldock is in the midst of a very unique project.

"I traveled 20,000 miles taking pictures last year," said Baldock.

Jeff has crisscrossed the state shooting images of Mississippi cities at night. It's been quite an adventure.

"I'm going into towns I've never been to before at all hours of the night. I do research on the city. It's fascinating to go into a town. Sometimes I'm the only person on the streets and have the whole town to myself," Baldock said. 

He's been to 101 cities already and has taken thousands of photos. You can go to Jeff Baldock's Facebook page to see some.

He plans to make a coffee table book out of his nighttime downtown photos.

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