Biloxi to Take Over Juvenile Education

At the youth detention center in Gulfport, young lawbreakers take the same classes as other students their age. When the renovated Biloxi jail reopens as the county's youth detention center, tentatively in August, the classes will move there too. Gulfport's School Superintendent Carlos Hicks says "Once we all, by all I mean the Biloxi district and our district get official notification that it will be moving and when it will be moving then we'll have reason to sit down and this can be done fairly quickly."

Biloxi's school superintendent doesn't have a problem taking over the education program. But Dr. Larry Drawdy doesn't think one school district should have to bear the total expense. "I really think it oughta be one that is shared by school districts that have children that have been assigned to that detention center," Drawdy says.

Nevertheless, Biloxi will take over the classes once the move from Gulfport is made. "We had two teachers. One of those teachers wants to stay with us. The other teacher's willing to go with the program and with the students if the other district chooses to hire him," Hicks says. Drawdy says "We're making tentative plans right now based upon what Carlos has shared with me from Gulfport's experience and we've just talked briefly about it and I'm trying to anticipate some needs here." Drawdy says some of those needs may include hiring possibly two or three new teachers.