Chemical Spill Shuts Down Interstate

An 18-wheeler leaking hydrochloric acid shutdown a 15 mile stretch of Interstate 10 Thursday. Authorities say the spill happened at the one mile marker at the Mississippi weigh scales.

All this happened shortly after four o'clock Thursday, just in time for rush hour traffic. Hancock County Fire Marshall, Richard Pate said, "We sympathize with them (drivers) but we've got a situation we have to protect the safety of the citizens and the people coming through here. If somebody was to inhale that we've got big problems. Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive and it will eat through metals. It's forming a vapor cloud that can be very dangerous to us. If you inhale it it's a very bad situation."

Around 10:30 Thursday night officials arrived on the scene and capped off the 330 gallon tank of acid. Officials then reopened the interstate shortly afterwards. A major clean up operation is underway at the scales.