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WLOX Editorial: Keep kids out of hot cars


As we head once again into the warmer weather, it is worth reminding parents and caregivers to never leave small children in cars.  
The result can be horrific. They can die of heat stroke. On average a child dies of heat stroke in a vehicle every 9 days.  
Often in these cases, parents get busy and distracted and just plain forget that the child is in the car.  
For those with small children, one good safety tip is always look in the back seat before you lock the car or put something in the back seat that you have to retrieve when you get out of the car like a cell phone or hand bag.  
For the rest of us, if you see a small child alone in a hot car, get involved.  Call 911.  
You could help save a precious child's life.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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