Dirty South Bar-B-Que - 24th Avenue, Gulfport

Downtown Gulfport has added a new restaurant to its menu, and you can smell the Dirty South Bar-B-Que cooking each day. Ron Banks says Dirty is a good thing.

Ron Banks, "Emeril Lagasse can't say anything about bam...it's all about Dirt! Dirty is a good thing, man...dirty is a good thing!"

Simply put, Ron Banks is following his dream. Banks opened Dirty South Bar-B-Que in downtown Gulfport about 6 months ago. He was trained in New York and Houston before he ventured into his own restaurant.

Banks says, "What I've done was take my training, my culinary training and just mix it up with all the...I guess you could say...soul food training back in the day in my grandma's kitchen and stuff."

Banks also credits his Father for inspiring him at an early age.

Banks says, "My dad basically said, get a plan together, if you want to do something...get a plan together and just do it...bottom line. And anything you do, make sure you put your best foot forward."

What a great lesson for anyone to take with them. While Banks is no fan of washing dishes, he does like pleasing his customers.

"The positive is really just people come through your door...you feed them...whatever they decide to order, and you actually fix their food and stuff and see the smile on their face, and they come back. That's like a natural high....you can never really get rid of," Banks Says.

The most popular items are the ribs, the pulled pork and the gumbo.

Banks says, "Gumbo is real simple, it's all about the roux."

His menu does include item for healthier eating.

Banks says, "I organized the menu, basically, for a lot of people who don't eat a lot of fatty foods....you know a lot of heart healthy type of product....a lot of salads. "

Any sandwich they have, you can get as a salad. Other options include different po-boys and lots of sides. Being in Downtown Gulfport, the restaurant is very small, and take-out and delivery is a big part of Banks' business.

"A lot of take out...people call the orders in. We also have a delivery service, which is outstanding."

"It's so good it'll make you slap your mama."

Dirty South Barbecue is located in Downtown Gulfport on 24th Avenue. For more information call 228.864.3848.