Residents Speak Out On Proposed Casino Dredging

The Silver Slipper wants to move the former President Casino barge to Bayou Caddy in Hancock County. But before it can open for business, it must receive a permit from DMR.

Wednesday night, DMR held a public hearing in Bay St. Louis for residents to voice their concerns about the project.

Some were worried about the impact of all the dredging and construction that comes with such a move.

"I am concerned over the adverse impact that your proposed dredging in Bayou Caddy could have on this marine life. It is obvious to even a layman like me that disturbing the bottom with this much dredging is not good for marine life," Bay St. Louis resident Robert Davis said.

Still reaction to the project was mixed.

"We believe that what they're trying to do will be a great impact financially for Hancock County. It will provide a lot of jobs for people and it will be a great economic boom for the whole county," Bay St. Louis resident Russell Elliott said.

Wednesday night's comments will be evaluated and eventually used in DMR's decision making process.