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Stuck truck removed from train tracks

The truck was stuck on the train tracks in downtown Biloxi (Photo source: WLOX) The truck was stuck on the train tracks in downtown Biloxi (Photo source: WLOX)

Dangerous railroad crossings in Biloxi continue to be a problem. After a deadly train and charter bus crash two months ago, there have been several cases of trucks getting stuck on crossings.

And, it happened again,

Anxious moments Thursday morning when a tanker truck got stuck on the tracks at the railroad crossing on Lameuse Street in Biloxi.

"We we're standing over hear and we watched a train go by. All of a sudden saw a truck attempt to go over the railroad tracks. I couldn't believe he was doing it with all the drama we've been having with the railroads around here. It amazed me that he attempted it with the signs here," said witness Sandra Lee. 

Everyone in the area is sensitive to the situation at crossings after a tragic accident involving a CSX train and a tour bus claimed four lives back in March.

Biloxi police arrived on the scene immediately and took steps to make sure CSX knew about truck on the tracks.

"A citizen flagged down an officer that was in the area and told them there was a truck stuck on the tracks. While they were responding, they notified dispatch and they contacted CSX." according to Major Michael Wills. 

CSX then stopped all train traffic. A tow truck arrived on the scenes and removed the stranded truck from the crossing. Signs are in place prohibiting buses, trucks and RVs from using the crossing. The driver was given a citation for ignoring the signs at the Lemeuse Street crossing.

The truck company, Matheson, carries gas and oxygen. Police say the tanker was empty after just off loading a delivery of oxygen. Witnesses were worried after seeing the company logo.

"I'm thinking, here we are over here and another train goes by and we're all going to blow up. I felt for that man being stuck on the tracks," Lee said.

About half an hour later, a CSX train cautiously approached the crossing. The train stopped and a CSX worker threw out flairs and checked the condition of the tracks before proceeding.

Biloxi is in the process of studying crossings in the city and analyzing the cost of fixing or closing some crossings.

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