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Air quality alert for Tuesday


High pressure has led to a warm and sunny afternoon in South Mississippi on Tuesday, but it is also helping to bring a few issues in terms of air quality.

An air quality warning is in effect for Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties until midnight as high levels of ozone will be present due to stagnant air.

High pressure is allowing for this stagnant air as we won't have much wind to stir things up, allowing for pollutants to build up at the surface. 

Those with health issues like asthma or any other respiratory issues are encouraged to avoid exertion outdoors.

Other groups, such as active children and adults as well as the elderly, are also suggested to limit outdoor activities today.

This afternoon is when the levels will likely be highest as people will have been out driving for much of the day.

You can limit your pollution by driving less today, carpooling, putting off yard work that may include gas related machines, and by conserving electricity.

High pressure starts to shift east Wednesday, allowing for more movement with the air. That should allow for better air quality.

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