Mauricio Dubon doing it all for the Shuckers

Mauricio Dubon doing it all for the Shuckers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Even before the 2017 season started, Shuckers manager Mike Guerrero spoke highly of his new infielder Mauricio Dubon, acquired in a December trade from the Red Sox organization.

"He's a supermarket," Guerrero said at 2017 Shuckers Media Day. "He's got everything to offer."

One month after that comment, Dubon seems to be living up to the praise. From highlight reel defensive plays to a dynamic offensive skill set, Dubon's well-rounded game has provided an essential element to the Shuckers' (14-16) recent success, with the team winning seven of their last ten following a 7-13 start.

"If I help my team by stealing bases, by getting on base, by scoring runs, I'll do that," Dubon said. "I feel I'm a baseball player. I'm not a defender, I'm not a hitter, I'm a baseball player. I'm complete."

Shifting between shortstop and second base, the 6'0, 160 pound infielder has shown a knack for tracking down balls, regardless of the degree of difficulty.

"You never know when the ball's gonna be hit, so I have to focus for nine innings, but at the same time I have to be able to make the routine play," Dubon said. "It's just part of the game."

He balances his fielding skills with an uncanny ability to round the bases. Batting .265 through thirty games, Dubon also leads the Southern league in stolen bases with 15 - and it's not close. It may seem like this ability could be attributed to speed, but for Dubon, it's also science.

"I have pretty good speed and everything, but I mean, I feel like I pay attention to the game real well," Dubon said. "I pick up tendencies, I pick up data, I know when I'm gonna steal a base, when it's a good chance to steal a base. I think that's a pretty good combination to have."

Ranked the ninth-best prospect in the Brewers organization by, the 22-year-old is proving to be the Shuckers' ultimate Swiss Army Knife. As he looks to become the first baseball player born and raised in Honduras to make it to the majors, his coach says it's not a matter if, but a matter of when.

"I think he has all the talent to be a successful ball player," Guerrero said. "If he continues to develop, I don't see why not. He has all the tools. He looks like a player with a lot of instincts out there that knows how to play and take advantage of every opportunity."

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