Mayoral Candidates Speak Out

Andrew "FoFo" Gilich got the mayoral forum started by saying, "Read my lips, I am going to cut taxes by 5 million dollars."

Ahhh now you're talking the language of the voters cutting taxes is what Andrew "FoFo" Gilich says he will do if elected mayor. But what good political forum would be without an argument to that.

Mayor A. J. Holloway countered that statement by saying "If you cut them by 5 million next year, it's impossible can not be done, but we will work to reduce taxes."

However, "FoFo" strongly disagrees, "Don't tell me I can't reduce taxes 5 million dollars that's what I'll do."

Meanwhile, Independent candidate Jerry Sumrall says he wouldn't cut taxes in Biloxi either, but he would make a request. "I wouldn't cut taxes in the city what I would do is go after the county supervisors and convince them to cut taxes."

Cutting taxes in the city of Biloxi was just one issue the candidates talked about at this mayoral forum that gave voters some 11th hour information about the issues. "If you're elected Mayor what will your priorities be to alleviate traffic congestion in Biloxi and why?" That was another question asked by moderator Gary Michels.

To that question, Mayor Holloway says, "Transportation is a top issue, we have spent over 80 million dollars to repair, rebuild or repave more than 250 streets in the city of Biloxi."

Gilich says, "The Mayor's been talking about things for the last 8 years, it's time to put the shovel in the ground, you can't wait."

Sumrall says, "A whole lot of the things we can do is being studied, maybe if we stop studying and go to the laying of asphalt."

The candidates were also asked about the Caillavet Street project, How they would handle Black Spring Break next year, and even how they'll help to preserve the city's history in a forum that should give voters the answers they need to cast their vote on June 5th.

This Saturday all three candidates will again be debating the issues this time right here on WLOX on Newswatch This Week which airs at 6 P.M. immediately following the early news.