Biloxi Mayor Looks To City's Future

At the Saenger Theater Tuesday night, Biloxi's mayor and newly elected Biloxi City Council Members were sworn into office. A reception followed at the town green.

There are two new members of the council, Bill Stallworth of ward two and Ed Gemmill from ward six. Five council members return to office, as does Mayor A.J. Holloway, who begins his fourth term.

"We have not pleased everybody but I feel very good that we accomplished a lot."

Under Mayor Holloway's watch, the City of Biloxi has changed dramatically. For instance, when he took office 12 years ago, there were two casinos. Now there are nine.

"Without casinos, we could not have the new Public Safety Center we have down there, $10 million. We could not have two new fire stations, the new schools."

The mayor says he expects to see at least five more casinos come to Biloxi.

Then there's the condominium boom. Holloway calls it great for the tax base and assures the people of Biloxi, city leaders will make sure it's done wisely.

"One thing we are lucky and fortunate about is, we will not have condos on our beaches. The southside of 90 will not be touched, with the exception of where Seabreeze is right now."

But more condos and more casinos means more stress on the city's infrastructure.

And what about that traffic on Highway 90?

"We need to look at 90. And we are looking at it right now, of trying to do something."

This life long resident of Biloxi says he loves this place and its people and insists, despite what some critics say, Biloxi will not lose its small town charm.

"I know a lot of people talk about the good old days, but I look at this as good new days."

In his inauguration speech , the mayor said future generations will look upon this as the time when Biloxi began its renaissance.