Pascagoula Man Aggravated At Neighborhood Eyesore

"About a year ago it looked like a really rundown house," Pascagoula resident Jeff Bordelon said.

Now, almost a year later, pieces of the home that once stood at 3408 Lanier Road are scattered on the lot. Neighbor Jeff Bordelon is tired of looking at the mess.

"I don't like the pile of rubble because it's a safety hazard. It's an eyesore."

Pascagoula Building Inspector Stephen Mitchell agrees.

"The structure had a lot of rotted wood, the foundation was unleveled, it had leaks. It was in general overall dilapidated condition."

So Mitchell's crew told the building's owner to tear down and clean up.

"The owner came down here and got a demolition permit and started demolition on the structure."

But somewhere along the line the clean up came to a halt.

"He finally got it down to a pile of rubble," Bordelon said. "It's been that way for over six months."

And the project got moved off the city's priority list.

"We had noticed that he wasn't making a lot of progress, but we didn't have time to worry with it because we had other citations to work," Mitchell said.

We did talk to the property owner. Although he didn't wish to speak on camera, he did admit that it's taken him quite some time to get the property cleared.

He said he had no excuses, but does plan to get the debris picked up and gone within the next few weeks.

But Bordelon is skeptical.

"Unless the city goes in there and cleans it up for him and hands him a bill will it be cleaned up anytime soon?"

One way or the other, Mitchell is confident the eyesore will soon be gone.

"Nobody gets let to do that forever," Mitchell said.