Road Rage Incident On I-10 Lands One Man In Jail

For the third time in just over a week, a case of road rage has played out on a South Mississippi Highway.

The bizarre incident began around 11:30 Monday morning on the I-10 Long Bridge in Jackson County. No one was hurt, but the Texas man authorities say started the battle is in jail.

The Highway Patrol says the confrontation began when a man in a pick up truck tried to pass a Mercedes, but the driver did not want that to happen.

"As they got along side, the driver of the Mercedes held up a cross and made an obscene gesture with the other hand. He was driving with his knees steering the car. After this happend, he pulled in front of the pick up truck, slows down and gets him stopped and backed the Mercedes into the truck," Sgt. Joe Gazzo with the Mississippi Highway Patrol said.

Gazzo says the man in the Mercedes then drove away. State troopers and Jackson County Deputies came to the truck driver's aid. The driver was ushered to a nearby rest stop, where authorites found the Mercedes, but no driver.

"As we're doing the report on the wreck, the troopers see the subject running across the roadside park. Deputies and troopers ran and captured the guy and arrested him." Gazzo says 39-year-old James Askew also took some swings at the officers.

Askew is in the Jackson County Adult Detention center charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident.

Troopers say when they ran Askew's identification through their computer, they found out he was also wanted in Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon involving a motor vehicle. Gazzo says the warrant also described him as confrontational and violent toward police.

Askew is currently awaiting extradition to Texas.