Truckers Mad About Rising Diesel Prices

Oil prices closed above $60 a barrel Monday, an all time high. What it means to you is higher prices at the pump, yet again.

The same is true for diesel prices, which are also near all time highs. Truckers who stopped by the Flying J Truck Stop in Gulfport, said they were frustrated.

"It's outrageous, ridiculous," said Deborah Massie.

The Florida trucker and her husband, as well as their two dogs, have been trucking all over the nation for ten years now. They are owner/operators. And that means any price hike affects their bottom line.

According to Massie, "I have literally parked the truck and seen them raise the price three or four cents a gallon, right there before my eyes."

The truckers we spoke with said the really bad part is, there isn't much they can do.

Long distance driver Terry Masterson of Missouri said there have been some rumblings about a strike, but he doubts it will ever happen. For now, it looks like everybody will bite the bullet and drive on.