Box Office Fizzles For 18th Straight Weekend

Louise Moran and her grandson are checking out the new Herbie movie, but Louise is not a big movie goer.

"We're one of those who usually wait for it to come out on DVD. I like to watch it in the privacy of my home and make my own popcorn and just chill."

But others say the best way to watch movies is in the theater.

"We never rent videos. We go to the movies maybe about once every five or six weeks. We like to get out, we like the big screen, the sound," says David Schroeder.

Daryl Rogers says, "I'm a movie watcher. I like going to the movies and I don't mind spending my money to go see the movies. I try to go whenever I have an off day."

Schroeder and Rogers are loyal customers. Tinsel Town isn't seeing many of those as box office profits continue on a flat trend for 18 weekends in a row.

Schroeder says, "I think it's too easy and too cheap to rent them and watch them."

Video store owner Linda Dills sees that too. Her customers are willing to wait for the latest releases on video and DVD.

"Just to get in, and you got a family, it takes a lot of money. And you can go rent one for two dollars for the night, so your whole family can watch the whole movie for two bucks," she says.

Still, the low rental prices and convenience of watching at home didn't discourage Charlotte Parker and her partner from buying the Hardy Court Cinema in April.

"We're here to show movies and we hope people will return. I suspect they're going to get tired of the plasma TVs and sitting in their own living rooms."

The number crunchers began keeping up with the movie grosses in 1985. Back then, 17 weekends was the longest slump.