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Bay St. Louis - Election Day preview

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The incumbent, a current councilman, and the admitted outsider. From that trio, a candidate will emerge to represent democrats in the Bay St. Louis race for mayor. 

The incumbent is Les Fillingame. The councilman is Mike Favre. The outsider is Rachael Ramsey. The winner of the Bay St. Louis May 2 mayoral primary will face republican Jeff Harding in the June general election.

"When we balance the budget we also need to make sure that our personnel is fully funded and that the personnel are in their positions. Right now we're eight police officers short of what was budgeted for personnel," said Favre.

At a recent political forum, Fillingame touted his administration’s success the last eight years. He focused on his efforts to lead the city to economic prosperity. Fillingame concentrated on trust, saying it’s time the city of Bay St. Louis believe in the mayor’s office.

"Reestablishing that relationship between the Mayor and the City Council that is a working relationship and it's a relationship that addresses only the agenda of the people and leaves all of the personal agendas outside of the city's business," noted Fillingame.

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Ramsey said her push is to change the city’s form of government. She believes it’s time for Bay St. Louis to replace its strong mayor approach with a city manager

"I would make every attempt I can and try really hard to change the form of government in Bay St. Louis. I'd like to go to a manager council form of government so that we would always have a professional in the administrative department," Ramsey added. 

Every city council seat in Bay St. Louis will be contested this election season. Wards two, three, four and the at-large seat all appear on May 2 primary ballots. Voters in wards one and six won’t select a council candidate until June 6.

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