Memorial Golf Tournament Benefits Junior Golf

It's the sound of a golf ball being crushed, that will never be heard again, or will it.

South Mississippi golf pro John Hanson grew up playing golf on local courses.

"I mean he started working on his career at 8 years old and for 32 years," says Hanson's mother.

It was Hanson's dying wish that today's youth have a chance to do the same.

"Junior Golf was Johns life," says wife Monica. "He rode his bicycle every day to the golf coarse and helped put the carts out and he lived for golf."

And his memory lives on, through the John Hanson Give the Game to the Kids Tournament.

Money raised at this tournament will benefit Junior Golf Programs across South Mississippi.

Programs that friends and family say made John Hanson the stellar golfer and human being that he was.

"Lessons, equipment, and that's something that he just said I just want them to be able to compete on a weekly or bi-weekly basis throughout the year," says Kenney Hughes, a long time friend of Johns and General Manager of Shell Landing Golf Course.

And like John, childhood friend Tommy Hebert feels Junior Golf needs this kind of support.

"I think it needs to get back to the kids," says Hebert. "You know teach them the fundamentals of golf."

The numbers from this first tournament are as impressive as a 400 plus yard John Hanson long drive.

25 teams, 125 players, and more than 15 thousand dollars raised. Numbers those closest to him are sure John is very proud of.

"I know he sees it today," says Monica. "This was his dream. It was his vision. And it was all he could think about the last 6 weeks of his life."

"I don't want to get emotional," says mother Anne,. but, hey John." We're here baby."