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Page 13 - The art of nature

Dedeaux uses computer software to manipulate the images. (Photo source: WLOX) Dedeaux uses computer software to manipulate the images. (Photo source: WLOX)

South Mississippi's natural beauty and man's impact on the environment are taking center stage on the Coast. 

A unique exhibition of images titled 'The Indiscriminate Beauty of Riff Raff' by visual artist Mozart Dedeaux is on display at the Visual Arts Center on the Perkinston campus of Gulf Coast Community College.

"Riff raff is another term for trash or garbage. It's a commentary on marine debris impact on our waters, on the Mississippi Sound, our rivers, etc.," said Dedeaux.

Dedeaux photographed organic material and litter found in Coastal Mississippi, and used digital manipulation and painting techniques to create computer generated imagery.

His work reflects his interest in conservation, and explores the presence of marine organisms and trash found in the shoreline eco system. It is designed to make people think about the fragile environment, and how they can have a negative effect on nature. 

"I have the ability to take this abstract image and layer it with other imagery. Then I do a reduction and bring the focal point out of the dark textures," Dedeaux said.

The exhibit challenges people to recognize the relationship between people and nature.

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