Local Fans Try To Spin The Wheel Of Fortune

Thousands of people lined up outside of the Flamingo Bay Ballroom for the chance of a lifetime.

"I'm here today because I've always wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune," said fan Krysti Pace.

Many Wheel of Fortune fans could not contain themselves Saturday afternoon when the Wheel Mobile pulled into town, and they did everything they could in the hopes of hearing their names called out to play a game they have loved for years.

"We bring all the applications up on stage and it's our goal to see as many people as we possibly can so we call.  We do three one hour shows, so we call as many names during that one hour as we can possibly call," said the show's promotion and publicity project manager David Strathearn.

It sounds simple, but it was serious for one Gulfport woman who obviously came to play the game and take home all of the prize money in her purse.

"We want them to make sure that they are familiar with the format of the show, that they know how to play the game, they know what logical letters we see, but more than anything it's that energy and enthusiasm. When it lands on five thousand dollars, we want them to really know that hey, that's a good contestant," said Strathearn.

The wheel mobile was created about 7 years ago to give loyal viewers the wheel of fortune experience and an opportunity to try out for the game.

Fortunately, its creation was not in vain, as you can see here in South Mississippi.

The show will be taping in New Orleans later this summer, and representatives say they want as many contestants from the Gulf Coast as possible.

WLOX'S Rhonda Weidner and Tommy Richards were on hand for today's auditions.

But if you didn't make it out Saturday, don't worry.

Jeff Lawson and Karla Redditte will be at the second round of auditions Sunday at the Isle Of Capri from noon until 4 p.m.

So come on out for your chance to be a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune.