Hattiesburg Church Organizes Soldier Spouse's Support Group

They come with questions, with concerns, and with advice grounded in experience.

Each with their own perspective on watching a loved one march off to war.

But what each has in common is their daily routines that are anything but routine without their loved ones.

"Within three weeks of my husband leaving in January, I had to get a roof put on my house, I had to get a plumber come in, and I had to get my house treated for termites," says soldier's spouse Debra Collins.

As well as their daily anxiety over the fate of their soldiers and their much anticipated return home.

"It's not going to be exactly the same as it was when they left because we both have gone through different things that we haven't gone through before," says Collins.

Those concerns are the reason behind Hattiesburg's Temple Baptist Church's ongoing program called Never Alone on the Home front.

"Most of these ladies are involved with the 155 and we're half way through their deployment, says event organizer Kathy Bailey.

"And they're beginning to look more toward that time and re-entry issues. What's it going to be like when they come back. Are we going to settle back into our routine we had before? What's going to have changed?" she added.

Answers that can be found through their common experiences, or sometimes church officials say, only through a higher power.

"Because no matter what situation your in your never alone," says Bailey. "God is always there."