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DA: Allegations of murder-for-hire offers never reported to Mississippi authorities, can't be investigated

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Looks like those serious allegations from Rudy Warnock of murder-for-hire offers and corruption in Wednesday's affidavit will remain just that: allegations, at least for authorities in the Magnolia State.

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler, one of two people mentioned as possible targets in a murder-for-hire offer, said she's hopeful that these allegations by Warnock, a former Madison County engineer, will lead to justice.

"Anything like that would disturb anyone," Hawkins-Butler said. "If this, in fact, is true, it's a serious situation, and it's not to be taken lightly."

Warnock made the allegations against Canton Public Utilities Commissioner Cleveland Anderson, claiming Anderson offered to have Hawkins-Butler and journalist Michael Simmons killed for $10,000 apiece.

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To Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest's knowledge, no local or state authorities are investigating it. Warnock's affidavit is below:

"When you have allegations of this magnitude, that there are elected officials, members of the press whose lives may have been threatened, and for us to be unable to act on that, for us to be unable to build a case, it is very frustrating," said Guest.

Guest said the trouble stems from the timeframe between when Warnock said these took place -- September of last year -- and when law enforcement found out -- this month.

"We could have worked through local and state law enforcement to try to obtain incriminating conversations between this official and Mr. Warnock," said Guest. "We would have worked toward providing money, a down payment or the amount in its entirety, so we could make an arrest." 

Since Warnock never tipped off local or state law enforcement, Guest said, those surveillance opportunities aren't possible.

"Now that this has been made public before law enforcement could act, I don't believe there's anything we could do at this point to further this," added Guest. 

Could Warnock's inaction also mean that he could be charged for failing to report a crime?

"Mr. Warnock cannot be held criminally responsible. Mississippi does not have any requirements that an individual report any potential crime," said Guest. 

Still, Madison's mayor remains positive.

"I don't know anything about that aspect of the law, but I do know that I have faith in authorities that might have the wherewithal to dig deep," said Hawkins-Butler. 

Below are screen shots of the texts Warnock received:

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