Teamwork Takes Center Stage At Gulfport Inauguration

The spirit of cooperation took center stage at a swearing-in ceremony at Gulfport City Hall.

On Friday night the city's new mayor took the oath of office along with seven council members.

Mayor Brent Warr talked about the kind of future they say people of Gulfport can expect.

Line by line, Gulfport's five new city council members recited the oath of office.

What they say they don't intend to repeat are the mistakes of their predecessors.

"We had a nice group of people on our city council," said Ward 5 councilman Brian Carriere. "All of them as individuals were great people and hard workers but they didn't work very well together."

As one of only two returning council members, Libby Milner Roland can already feel the mood shifting.

"The voters have spoken. This transition is what's wanted," said Roland. "I think with Mayor Warr we have positive leadership and we all look forward to working together and I think it's going to be great."

Mayor Brent Warr says his administration will seek to build up every Gulfport community and tear down divisiveness within City Hall.

"The new city council is really been working and planning and organizing themselves and really getting that team spirit going," said Mayor Warr. "I believe that people can expect to see a well organized, well educated well informed group of people. They'll start making small steps but they'll have their stride very soon and I'm just excited to be part of them."

"Everybody wants to move Gulfport forward and I think that's what's going to happen," says Roland

After the inauguration ceremony, a reception was held at Grass Lawn.