WLOX Editorial: Thank you Mayor Guice

BILOXI, MS (AP) - The Mississippi Gulf Coast lost a long time leader and public servant who by all accounts loved Biloxi. Danny Guice, Sr. passed away at age 92 leaving behind a history of public service that helped Biloxi though some of its toughest history. When Hurricane Camille struck in 1969, he helped lead the charge to recovery spending a lot of time in Washington to bring home federal funds for recovery.

Danny Guice served as mayor, a state legislator, and a judge.

There are no more appropriate words than those spoken in eulogy for Guice by current Mayor FoFo Gilich who quoted Guice from the Book; "This is Biloxi, Mississippi." It reads, "The people of our city invite you to be part of metropolitan Biloxi's bright future. Culturally unique, historical in atmosphere, but progressive in spirit. THIS IS BILOXI. Make it your city, too."

Thank you to the family of Mayor Guice and for all he did for Biloxi and South Mississippi.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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